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Using RedPower, Computercraft and ccSensors I have created an interesting device - Hrabia, the automatic bridge builder.

Hrabia - the automatic bridge building machine.

Main components of this machine are:


Automatic bridge building machine RP2 ComputerCraft

Hrabia in action

User can manually position the machine and set the z-level on which construction will take place. The actual deformation of terrain is not important and has no influence on the building process, as seen in the picture.

After seting up the position, Hrabia deploy the gantries. Building gantry starts to construct the bridge according to the pattern given by the user. After finishing one part, Hrabia tries to move forward. On failure, Hrabia will try to destroy any blocks on it's way, preparing the ground for the assembler array.

Bridges can be made with up tu 4 building materials, not wider than three blocks. Height is theoretically unlimited - it will build as deep as the Assemblers can go.

Hrabia use two computers - the mainframe and the builder controller. It was made with only three sets of bundled cables and 14 frame motors. The code for the computers is about 400 lines long. Thanks to ccSensors, Hrabia is quite reliable and knows when it has failed to move or met an obstacle.


I think that this device is a great example of how much power lies in RedPower and Computercraft. Advanced blocks like frame motors and assemblers have impressive capabilities and enable an endless field of possible automations.