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Denkbert Denkbert 8 November 2012

Starting today, the Wikia Message Wall will replace the old talk pages

Hello everyone,

starting immediately, this wiki will be using the new Wikia message wall feature instead of the old talk page.

The message wall provides several advantages over the old talk page:

  • When making a post, users are now asked to provide a title.
  • New posts made to a users message wall will be created as a new discussion thread. Subsequent comments to that thread will be indented to the right, similar to the comment section of regular wiki articles.
  • As opposed to the talk page, the accounts of users posting to a message wall are automatically linked to their profile. Formerly, if a user forgot to sign his post, you would have had to check the talk page history in order to find out who posted a comment to your talk page. Now, you can jus…
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Denkbert Denkbert 4 November 2012

New Tutorials: Advanced Logistics Pipes and Milking Cows for Diamonds

Hello everyone, we have a number of new tutorials.

The first ones show you how to make use of the fabulous, under-appreciated mod Logistics Pipes. The tutorials build upon each other and will show you how to create an automatic item processing and sorting system:

  • Base Management 01: Automatic Item Sorting
  • Base Management 02: Automatic Item Processing
  • Base Management 03: Automatic Item Crafting & Remote Ordering

Now those setups are rather bulky and take up a lot of space. Logistics Pipes features special modular pipes called "Logistics Chassis" which can be equipped with certain modules in order to combine the functionalities of several Logistics Pipes within one single chassis. If you employ a selection of different modules and chassis, you ca…

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Denkbert Denkbert 16 August 2012

About the recent removal of Millenaire and other mods

After the Technic Pack recently updated the recommended build to version 7.2, a lot of people have been asking about what happened to mods like Forestry, Millenaire, Crafting Table II, the Zeppelin mod or to items belonging to those mods (especially electric engines, which were reintroduced in another form by the recently added Transformers mod).

I would like to answer those questions in this blog post. Please direct all and any questions related to this issue to this post and make the other users aware of it. Thank you.

  • 1 Millenaire
  • 2 Crafting Table II
  • 3 Zeppelin mod
  • 4 Forestry
  • 5 A parting word

Millenaire was most probably taken out because of performance issues. Several users saw their framerate drop to less than stellar levels when being near Mille…

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Denkbert Denkbert 7 June 2012

Recent template additions

We now have a number of new navigation and category templates at our disposal.

Category Templates
Category templates add a header and visually mark an article as belonging to a certain mod. The article also automatically gets added to the mod's category when the category template is added. The category template is supposed to be posted at the very top of an article.

Mod category templates

  • for RedPower
  • for Railcraft
  • for Thaumcraft
  • for BuildCraft
  • for Industrial Craft
  • for Equivalent Exchange
  • for Forestry
  • NEW: for Mo' Creatures

Organizational category templates

  • - For articles that lack detailed content, images or crafting recipes.
  • NEW: - For tagging articles about obsolete content, including mods that are no longer part part of the Technic Pack. The article…

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Denkbert Denkbert 11 April 2012

Template for the Redpower Alloy Furnace

We now have a template for the Alloy Furnace from the Redpower mod. See the Alloy Furnace Template for more information.


produces this

See Useful minecraft specific templates for a list of the other available templates.

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