Technic Pack Wiki

Hey guys, this is Caleb.  I just got Technic and discovered Technic Wiki.  So far, I have made one world and played on two servers.  I hope to be able to help anybody with any questions that they might have about the game or any of my builds.

Build 1: Force Field

Hey Technic users, I am back with my first build.  It just so happens to be a forcefield.  I will try to make a video on the creation of this but I can't make any promises.  It took me about 30 minutes to figure it out through YouTube.  At the moment, I feel really bad for the people who started playing the first year it came out.  I used High Voltage Solar Panels for my power source connected to an MFSU with Glass Fibre Cable.  I then preceded to put an EU Injector on top of the glass fibre cable that I put on the red dot of the MSFU.  Before you do this, make sure to check and make sure that the MSFU is getting power from the solar panels.  I then put a Force field Core on top of the EU Injector.  You will then need a switch to place on the EU Injector.  This is then used to make sure that you have set everything up right at this point.  Then, get a MFFS Area Projector.  You will then need a Blank MFFS Card.  Put this into the core and then into the projector.  You then should have a working force field.  One more thing, make sure that you put the lever on the core and the the EU Injector.  If you have any questions, shoot me an email at

For a force field,make sure that the red dot on the MSFU is facing up. You then put a glass fibre cable on the red dot then put an EU Injector on top of that.

Build 2: Wireless Force Field

This is a very interesting, I have found that I can connect a force field to a wireless remote and remotely control the force field.  This helps very much in a multiplayer server where it is PVP.  What you need is to make a force field the way mentioned the my first post, redstone, a toggle switch, a wireless receiver, and a wireless remote.  You must connect the core to the toggle switch using redstone (note, you don't need a lever to activate the force field any more after this).  You then connect the wireless receiver to the toggle switch.  Right click on the wireless receiver to set the "station" the remote will need to be on.  The remote and receiver must be set on the same number or else this won't work.  Then, hold the remote and press shift and the right muse button at the same time to set the remote.  I will need to try to make a video about this to clarify minute details.  Please be patient again, if you have any questions, send be an email.