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Logo moc 40.png Turtles contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.

Turtles are added by Mo'creatures.

Health ?
Armor ?
Spawn Grass blocks, near water
Drops Turtle Meat
Mob Type Passive


Turtles by default will wander around aimlessly, but will attempt to stay near water. They will hide inside their shell if any creature larger than them gets too close. When hiding in their shell, they are resistant to nearly any type of attack. You can flip a turtle onto its back by right-clicking it. The poor creatures are completely vulnerable while on their back, and will take a while to roll over again. You can flip it back over again by right-clicking it.


To tame a turtle, drop sugar cane or watermelon slices nearby. It will take little bit, but be patient. Once tamed, turtles can be named, will follow the player, and grow slowly over time. Right clicking a tame turtle with anything but a pickaxe or Medallion will put it on your head. If a turtle is injured and you have sugarcane, put it onto your head and right click it with sugarcane in your hands. It will eat the sugarcane and will regain its health.


A turtle that has grown quite large

  • If a Turtle is still upright, and you hit it with a tool, it will drain the durability of the item.
  • If you name them as one of the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they will gain their respective weapons and headbands.(Michelangelo for orange, Donatello for purple, Leonardo for blue, and Raphael for red.)
  • Sometimes turtles spawn with only two legs.
  • If you have a turtle on your head and you're on a horse, the horse will go haywire. You would not be able to control it and it goes very, very fast.
  • Turtle Meat can be crafted with a Bowl to make Turtle Soup, which restores 3 food bars.
  • Because turtles spawn at the surface, turtles in a mine usually indicate a nearby entrance. In deeper mines, like underground ravines, for example, their presence means a water-based exit (e.g. a hole in a riverbed/seafloor where water flows into the mine).
  • Turtles may be attacked, and if yours is hurt (as said before), pick it up and feed it sugarcane.
  • If you have a tamed turtle on your head and walk into a cactus 3 blocks high, you both take damage and the turtle flips over on its back.
  • While they grow very large, even at their biggest turtles can always walk through a 1-block-wide area.