Logo-TC 40 Thaumium Reinforced Tank contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.
Thaumium Reinforced Tank
Block Thaumium Reinforced Tank
Type Thaumic Machine
Physics No
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable No
Mod Included Thaumcraft

Four reinforced tanks with a total capacity of 4000 Taint/Vis.

The Thaumium Reinforced Tank is a more advanced version of the regular Vis Storage Tank.


The Thaumium Reinforced Tank is classified as Tainted Knowledge and needs to be researched in the Quaesitum before you can create it in an infuser. It can hold a total amount of 1000 units of Vis and Taint, which is twice as much as a regular Vis Storage Tank. It is also impervious to the negative effects of storing large amounts of Taint - which basically means that it might creak and squeak a little, but it won't blow up and pollute the neighborhood.

The reinforced tanks can apply a suction strength of 10 TCB, but you can increase its suction strength by placing Arcane Bellows right next to it.

If you place several tanks above each other, they will always fill up from bottom to top, no matter where the conduits connect.

Crafting / InfusionEdit

Infuse a regular Vis Storage Tank with a Thaumium Ingot. You will need to provide a total of 75 Vis for the infusion process.

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