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Thamatic slime

Thaumic Slimes are a result of overflow in a Crucible, though can also spawn as a rare mob. These slimes will start off small and grow by jumping near a crucible. As they get bigger they will become stronger and will also gain health. They will also randomly spawn around the world in areas of taint.There is a small chance that when you are hit by a wisp and die by fall damage, the slime will spawn as your Reincarnation. This has happened in the Agrarian Skies pack, from within the FTB Launcher. Please take note that you have enough lives before trying this. A Thaumic Slime took it's place.

Use caution when approching them. Thaumic slimes, although smaller than regular slimes, can still hurt the player. Another thing that will damage you is, if they get big enough, an explosion they make while jumping. While it hurts the player, it does not break most blocks. It will destroy weaker blocks, such as sand, dirt, and gravel.

The wand of lightning has a high chance (70%-90%) of (when killed with this weapon) preventing the slime from spawning again as a smaller slime.


- The smallest thaumic slimes do no damage but can be an annoyance if in creative, as they are hard to hit.

- Thaumic Slimes seem to be hostile on Creative Mode, whether provoked or not.

After reaching a certain size, they will start to drop tainted vis crystals as loot upon death.
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