This tutorial is for those who know how to play vanilla minecraft. It will explain, in several articles, how to get started playing the technic pack; then it will give some ideas and tutorials for possible projects. But remember, this is your world, so do what you want.

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Day 1:Edit

Materials needed:

3 wool, 3 planks, building materials

The first thing you need to do is build a house, just like normal minecraft. Build it however and wherever you want. Make sure you have a bed. It's probably night by now; go to sleep. You will notice that you don't immediately wake up. The Somnia mod simulates the world while you're in bed, so for instance any stuff in your furnace will be smelted.

Not Enough ItemsEdit

You may also notice the pages of items that appear on the right side of the screen when you open your inventory. This is due to the Not Enough Items mod. You can find recipes for items by typing the name of the item in the text box below your inventory then clicking on the item, leaving your mouse hovering over the item, and pressing R (or if in 'recipe mode' you can simply click)

Note: In the newest recommended build, 'Cheat Mode' is enabled by default. This would allow you to remove items directly from the NEI panel. If you feel the temptation would be too great, it can be disabled by going into the options menu that appears when you open your inventory (in the bottom left hand corner). Unfortunately this will also remove the Utilities in the top left (Time control, weather, etc.)

Day 2:Edit

Materials needed:

Rubber tree, 5 planks, pickaxe

The Rubber TreeEdit

Now it's time to go explore. You need to find a rubber tree. ( They appear more often in swamp biomes and do not completely break if the bottom block is removed ) These trees have normal looking leaves, but their trunks look like pines and have orange marks on them. If the ones you find are not near

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A rubber tree

your house, destroy the leaves and plant the saplings next to your house.

Now you need to collect some Sticky Resin. Make a treetap out of five planks like so:

Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank


While holding this, right click on the orange marks on the rubber trees to get sticky resin. Bake this in a furnace to make rubber.

New OresEdit

Now it's time to make a mine. Technic pack adds many new ores, but the two you need now are copper and tin. These are orange and light grey, respectively. There are other ores, too, like Uranium, Tungsten, and Silver, but they are not needed right now. Collect some copper and tin with your stone pickaxe. Smelt them in a furnace to produce tin and copper ingots. Don't make too much, only about 12 copper and maybe 20 tin. 
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Copper and tin

Technic Tutorial SeriesEdit