Welcome to the Technic Pack Wiki! This Wikia is for the Technic modpack, but it seems that the Tekkit modpack has completely replaced it and now there is no more Technic modpack...
But for those of you who still use the old Technic modpack, with some helpful user contributions, we can make an encyclopedia of all of the mods included in the Technic modpack, including tips, crafting recipes and more! The Technic modpack was made by the Technic Pack team and made much more popular by The Yogscast.

The Technic Pack includes lots of mods that add machines and improve automation, with the end goal of mechanizing your entire world.

The official Technic Pack website can be found here.

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Mod Spotlight - Thaumcraft 2

Mod Spotlight - Thaumcraft 2


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  • Denkbert

    Hello everyone,

    starting immediately, this wiki will be using the new Wikia message wall feature instead of the old talk page.

    The message wall provides several advantages over the old talk page:

    • When making a post, users are now asked to provide a title.
    • New posts made to a users message wall will be…
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  • Denkbert

    Hello everyone, we have a number of new tutorials.

    The first ones show you how to make use of the fabulous, under-appreciated mod Logistics Pipes. The tutorials build upon each other and will show you how to create an automatic item processing and sorting system:

    • Base Management 01: Automatic Item S…

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  • Nethaufer

    Heya dudes. I'm going to talk about the unfinished category and banner. I'm not going to say when you should put it into a page you've created (because you should automatically put the unfinished banner in any content page you make), I'm going to tell you when you can get rid of it.

    Most of the regula…

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  • Denkbert

    After the Technic Pack recently updated the recommended build to version 7.2, a lot of people have been asking about what happened to mods like Forestry, Millenaire, Crafting Table II, the Zeppelin mod or to items belonging to those mods (especially electric engines, which were reintroduced in anot…

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  • Venum4k

    Thaumcraft conversion

    August 5, 2012 by Venum4k

    As the Technic Pack is now using Thaumcraft 2, we should be putting pages about Thaumcraft 2 items/features/blocks/whatever into the "Thaumcraft 2" category, not the "Thaumcraft" category. Try to remember this when making a new page about the newer version of Thaumcraft.

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