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Somnia is a utility mod that simulates the world around the player while they sleep. This allows for a much more productive automated world.


  • World Simulating: Even as you sleep, trees and crops grow. Rain pours. Your Energy Condensers create diamonds. You also heal based on how long you are sleeping. However, if you're in any game mode but peaceful, your hunger bar also diminishes.

    The somnia GUI, seen while the player is in bed

  • No more "unsafe" beds: Monsters will still spawn and can still attack you but only if they can get to you. If your bed is in your house, and the house is sealed, there will be no more monsters attacking you at night.
  • Sleep day or night: No more pesky you can only sleep at night messages. If you sleep in the day, you will wake up at dusk. If you sleep at night, you wake up at dawn.
  • Personal Alarm Clock: If you hold a clock as you go to sleep, you can choose between 16 different options.
  • Choosing to reset spawn: Somnia has a useful button that allows you to choose if you want to reset your spawn to the current bed that you are sleeping in or not.
  • Simulation Rates: Sleep can be instant or be simulated at a certain rate, for those who don't like to get something for nothing.