Logo moc 40.png Sharks contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.
Name Shark
Health 1
Armor none
Damage 10
Spawn Oceans
Drops Shark Eggs, Shark Teeth
Rare Drops 1000 meat
Mob Type Hostile

Shark is a hostile aquatic mob that is commonly found in every type of water

Sharks have a rare chance (10%) of dropping a Shark egg when killed, but most commonly drop Shark Teeth, which can be used to craft Chain Armor and a Shark


When the player enters the water, any Shark nearby will turn on them and swim very fast towards them to chase down and attack the player. They don't attack Squids or other Sharks.


Sharks have a 10% chance of dropping a Shark Egg when killed. The egg can only be obtained if the difficulty is on Easy difficulty or higher.

In order to get a tamed Shark, the egg must be hatched by throwing it into the water, which will hatch into a friendly baby Shark. Once it grows big enough, it will attack other Mobs. Tamed Sharks will not attack other Sharks or the player.

There is no current way to heal a tamed Shark by "feeding it" (as is possible with other tameable mobs). The only way to heal a tamed Shark is to throw a Splash Potion of Healing at it.

Sharks can not be ridden or bred, unlike Dolphins.

CommandsGod of war

Note: If you are playing on Creative Mode and want a Shark egg, then use this command: /give [username] MoCreatures:mocegg 1 11 as of 1.7.10.

Chain Leggings Chain Boots

Shark Sword

The Shark Sword does 1 damage.It does extra damage to sharks   {{Grid/Crafting Table

Mod= Mo' Creatures B1= Stick |C1= Shark Teeth B2= Stick |C2= Shark Teeth B3= Diamond |C3=Shark Teeth Output= Shark Sword


Video Tutorial

Technic Tutorials 68. Sharks
Technic Tutorials 68. Sharks
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