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Logo moc 40.png Scorpions contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.
Brown scorpion.jpg
A brown scorpion
Health 20
Armor 8
Damage 3 (Poison attacks)
Spawn All biomes (Green) (Brown),
on snow (Blue),
in the Nether (Red)
Drops 1-2 String
Mob Type Hostile

Scorpions are an aggressive mob added by the mod Mo' Creatures. They are alike spiders but only with a tail and sharp pincers. They share the trait of climbing up walls and even sometimes rarely on the player. They are easily distinguished by their Insect sound they make.

During the day scorpions will only attack if provoked, but at night they become very aggressive. When hit by a scorpion, players have a chance of being poisoned. They also seem to be able to see you through walls so if you live in a underground house be careful when coming out as it may be guarded by the scorpions.

Green and brown scorpions are poisonous types, blue scorpions, which spawn on snow, will slow you down, and red scorpions, found in the nether, will set you on fire.

Scorpions will sometimes spawn a few baby scorpions upon death. They are similar to the full sized scorpions in terms of combat capability, and will drop string on death. Baby scorpions don't always spawn aggressive, and can be right clicked to pick them up. This causes a bug where if a large scorpion is right clicked, it will jump up with a pop noise.

Scorpions cannot be "tamed," per se, but picking up a baby scorpion can cause it to become neutral towards the player, even at night. The baby scorpion will slowly grow until it is an adult. No matter their size, the attack range will be same of an adult. Recorded baby scorpions that can be picked up: Brown and Green. They can, however, despawn normally when wandering too far away from it.

This is a video of a grown green Scorpion that is neutural and a player attemping to pick it up. You know that because of the *pop* sound it makes as if you dropped a baby scorpion!


Poppin' scorpion!

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