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Logo-EE 40.png Red Morningstar is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Red Morningstar
Grid Red Morningstar.png
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value 7,053,312
Included in Equivalent Exchange

The Red Morningstar is an unbreakable multi-tool that is part of the Equivalent Exchange mod. It is the combination of a Red Matter Hammer, Pickaxe, and Shovel. It retains their original abilities while also granting new, powerful functionality.


The Morningstar has 4 charge levels.  Increase the charge level by pressing V.  Decrease the charge level by pressing shift+V. Increasing the charge level increases the tool's speed and the potency of its special abilities. Right click functions: On Gravel: Mines the whole vein. On Ore: Mines the vein. On Stone: Excavates an area dependent on charge level. Like the Red Matter Hammer. On Dirt/Grass/Sand: Excavates a flat area dependent on charge level. The area excavated when right clicking stone, dirt, grass or sand is determined by the charge level of the weapon:

Charge level
Stone area
Dirt, grass and sand area

When the right click functionality is used on stone, grass, dirt or sand it will excavate everything inside the area, not just the selected material. Anything mined with the item (except for the standard 1x block mode) will be bundled in a black ball dropped near your character.
Pressing the Change Mode ('c') key changes the left-click function between standard 1 block, Mega Impact (3x3x1 instant, like an uncharged Destruction Catalyst), 3x tall, 3x wide, and 3x long.

  • The Red Matter tools are not enchantable.


Note: this is a shapeless recipe

EMC Composition[]

1,515,520 (Red Matter Hammer) + 1,974,272 (Red Matter Pickaxe) + 761,856 (Red Matter Shovel) + 6 x 466,944 (Red Matter) = 7,053,312 EMC


  • WARNING: Do not have item equiped when you are in your house or somewhere else highly important. If you accidently right click (by missing a lever or something) BAM! Your house is now a 9x9x9 hole. Be careful with this thing because it will ruin stuff instantly and there is no undo.
  • However, if your right click doesn't destroy any import machinery or chests (often the case, since it doesn't effect most mod blocks) a Mercurial Eye can be extremely helpful. At full power, it can create a 9x9 square, which can quickly fill an accidental pit in your base. This is especially helpful when trying to dig out specific spaces while making an extension to a base - it's incredibly easy to right click in such a situation.

Video Tutorial[]

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