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Logo-EE 40.png Red Matter Hoe is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Red Matter Hoe
Grid Red Matter Hoe.png
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value 1,368,064
Included in Equivalent Exchange

All Red matter Tools have 3 Charge levels.


When charged you can till a large area of dirt instantly by right clicking. It also can dig through soil extremely quickly with the left click function. It has two modes between which you can switch with the 'g' key: - normal impact mode: digs one block at a time - Mega impact mode: digs 3x3 area

  • The Red Matter tools are not enchantable.


Red Matter

Red Matter

Dark Matter Hoe

Dark Matter

Red Matter Hoe

EMC Composition[]

294,912 (Dark Matter Hoe) + 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 2 x 466,944 (Red Matter) = 1,368,064 EMC

Video Tutorial[]