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Logo moc 40.png Rats contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.
Health 5 hearts
Armor Unknown
Damage 1/2 heart
Spawn Low lit areas
Drops Coal

(In Recent Versions)Raw Rat

Mob Type Neutral

Rats are neutral mobs that become aggressive at low light levels. Similar to vanilla Wolves and Zombie Pigmen they are Pack Mobs, so will attack the provoker of any member of their pack. They are not very dangerous, however, and have low health and damage values.  When dealt with one at a time they aren't difficult to deal with but with five or six good luck.

Players might make the error of mistaking them for Mice, (which run away from the player instead of attacking) which are much less dangerous and easy to kill).  Mice are smaller than Rats and have a chance dropping seeds upon death and spawn in well lit areas.  

The Nether hosts a much larger variant of the rat, called a Hellrat. For the page on Hellrats, go here.


  • The Coal drop is useful when starting a new world, as you have Coal available on the surface.
  • Rats can be killed in two hits with most swords.

 Rats have a 1% chance of dropping a diamond