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Logo-BC 40.png Quarry contains information about the BuildCraft mod.
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Type Machine
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Stackable No
Included in Buildcraft

The quarry is a large-area digging machine from the Buildcraft mod. It is crucial to world automation as it is by far the most effecient digging method. The quarry is the next logical step up from a mining well in the buildcraft mod. It makes your minecraft life easier to get ores and other mining materials while also giving time to complete other tasks


A quarry avoiding an area of lava

The quarry is a single block that when placed creates a rectangle of orange construction tape, showing the area it will dig. The default size is 9x9 blocks. This can, however, be adjusted with landmarks.

In order to mark a mining area with landmarks, place at least three marks so that they mark a rectangular area and that they have direct line-of-sight. The landmarks must then be right-clicked so a red line connects them. Then place the quarry directly adjacent to one of the landmarks. If you have placed the quarry correctly, the landmarks will be removed and can be collected, as they are not needed any further. You can then set up the engines and pipes and start the quarry.

When powered it will begin replacing the construction tape with quarry frame by using a hovering laser block. Once the quarry frame is complete an arm will extend downward and begin digging. The arm moves across horizontally, digging one block at a time, and sending the items along the frame and into the quarry block. Once the items reach the quarry block they will automatically transfer into a stone pipe attached to the top of the block or just pop out the top and sit there. If you don't want to pipe long distances, placing an Ender Chest beside the quarry is another way to temporarily store materials for sorting at home base.the player could also use a telport pipe. The quarry will not stop unless it hits lava or bedrock. If lava only partially covers the area the quarry will continue digging around it. If the player removes the lava the quarry will go back and dig the section previously covered.


The quarry recipe is quite expensive, adding up to a total of 11 diamonds, 16 gold, 28 iron, 28 cobblestones, 30 sticks and of course, 1 redstone (or EMC wise: 8192*11 + 2048*16 + 256*28 + 1*28 + 4*30 +1*64= 130232). However it is generally considered worthwhile as the equivalent exchange allows the player to get back at least as many of these items. However, if you are going to be making the quarry for simply Equivalent Exchange purposes, it is far better to make an Energy Collector, which is less expensive and gathers more EMC on average than a quarry. The diamond pickaxe must have full durability. You can repair a half broken diamond pickaxe by using the highest level of covalence dust.

Iron Gear

Gold Gear

Diamond Gear

Redstone Dust

Iron Gear

Diamond Pickaxe

Iron Gear

Gold Gear

Diamond Gear



The quarry can be efficiently powered by steam, electric or combustion engines. The more engines attatched to the quarry block, the faster it will dig. For maximum quarry speed, you need either 4 Steam Engines, 2 Combustion Engines, 2 Regular Electric Engines, or 1 Fast Electric Engine. If you are using a combustion engine, it will need supplies of water and fuel to keep it running, preferably accessable by pipes, directly to the engine.

Two Regular Electric Engines with Conductive pipe powered Quarry.

Here is an example of powering the Quarry using two Regular Electric Engines through Conductive Pipes. The glass fiber cables feed the electric engines with 128 EU/t max. In front of each engine is a wooden conductive pipe, then the rest are golden conductive pipes all the way to the quarry. Beside the quarry is an Ender Chest for quarry output. You can use the same color code Ender Chest at home for sorting stuff.

Note: Redstone engines can run a quarry, however, one would need over 20, making a steam engine the much easier choice.


Occasionally, quarries are banned on tekkit servers. This is because they can cause lag, especially if there are multiple quarries operating at the same time. If a server is not clear on which items are banned, it is worth checking before setting up a quarry as it is an expensive item to create and then have removed.


  • If you place a block of water where the quarry starts digging, this water will expand over the whole area as the quarry digs, resulting in all lava that comes in the way turning into obsidian, which will be mined by the quarry!
  • The quarry laser does no damage to humans or mobs.
  • Note that if you have set up your quarry underground, the area it will dig out will be quite dark which are ideal for monsters to spawn. If you have any connections to the base that the quarry will dig through, make sure you have closed them off to prevent them from entering your base.
  • The Quarry will go back and mine out any new blocks appearing in areas it has already covered. If your Quarry is going to cover a large area it's a good idea to remove any reeds growing in it because it will shave off the tops one layer at a time as it is working on that particular layer. As the reeds grow back it will continually have to stop what its doing and go back to mine the tops off the reeds again. As the arm can take a while to move from one side of the quarry to the other (depending on its size) this can severely hinder or even halt the quarries progress.  A similar issue can come up with naturally (or quarry) formed cobble generators on the edge of the quarry so it's a good idea to check it's progress regularly.

Video Tutorial[]

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