Technic Pack Wiki

To create the most efficient power flower, you will need 17 Energy Collector MK3, 5 Relay MK3 and 1 Energy Condenser. One can use diamonds/diamond blocks, dark or red matter. There is a long waiting period to arrive at your first, most efficient power flower. You may want to consider building smaller ones without any relays.

A starter power flower

Relays cost as much as an energy collector for little bonus. Only craft one when you've exceeded 5 Energy collector MK3s in your first power flower. This means you should start with Energy collectors and upgrade them until you have five MK3s.

To build it, place one energy collector on the ground, then place an energy condensor on top of it (crouch + right click). Now surround the energy condenser with energy collectors.

Now we shall build a larger power flower with relays. It should be noted that this configuration cannot exceed the given size as relays will not chain together! 

To build the larger power flower,

  1. Place 1 Energy collector MK3 on the ground. 
  2. Place a Relay MK3 on top of it. 
  3. Surround the front, back, and sides of the relays.
  4. Place an energy Condenser on top of it.
  5. Add relays to the left, right and back of the condenser. You should now have something looking like the picture below.

    Full power flower cut sideways to show configuration

  6. Place energy collectors on all open sides, and the tops of the relays.
  7. Add a relay to the top of the condenser.
  8. Finally, place one more energy collector on the top face of the relay.

Note: a relay can be placed on the front face of the condenser but it's a pain to remove it each time. Make more power flowers instead. Three full sized ones will be enough to start your own mega factory!

Side note: Look up blaze machine for a really effective and easy to use emc creator that is much faster then a power flower. Be aware that it does use IC2 machines (such as a macerator and a generator (eu))

[Note: Remember to only extract items from the bottom of the power flower, because the bottom one makes less energy than the top one.]

Pat yourself on the back and eat a cookie if you made this!