Redpower-logo1 Pneumatic Tube contains information about the RedPower mod.
Pneumatic Tube
Block Pneumatic Tube
Type Pipe
Physics No
Transparency Some
Luminance No
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec. 2301:2048
Mod Included RedPower

Pneumatic Tubes are used to transport items, making them the Redpower equivalent of Buildcraft Transport Pipes


They have automatic internal routing, sending items to the closest valid destination. They have a distribution function built in, so when multiple valid destinations of the same length exist, it'll alternate between them. Valid destinations are usually inventories like chests, deployers or furnaces. If an inventory fills up and cannot accept any more items, it will cease to be a valid target. Items will be sent to the next valid destination if one exists. If no valid destinations exist, the tube will no longer accept new items.

Items are usually supplied to tubes through the rear holes in Block Breakers, Transposers or Filters. Pneumatic Tubes can be colored with Paint Brushes. When colored, a Pneumatic Tube will not allow items tagged with different colors to enter them. This allows you to use Sorting Machines and Filters to control the directions that items travel.

When selected using the "Pick Block" tool in Creative mode, Pneumatic Pipes will instead give the player a "Dirt Cover" Block. The cause of this glitch is a general Minecraft glitch, it does not yet support items with the "Pick Block" tool. This is a common glitch with most Redpower items.


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Pneumatic Tube


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