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Logo moc 40.png Pet Food contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.

Pet Food is an item that can be used to feed Kitties by placing it in their food bowls, which is attached to their Kitty Beds. Pet Food is created by combining a Raw Fish and a Raw Porkchop.


When Pet Food has been crafted, this will create four Pet Food per Raw Fish and Raw Porkchop. When your Kitty or Kitties needs food, right-click on a Kitty Bed with Pet Food in hand and it will fill up the bowl that is attached to it.

If a Kitty has not been fed Pet Food for a while and it gets hungry, it will eventually attack the player and hiss at them.

You can tell if a Kitty wants food by noticing when it makes different meows, and when there is a food emotion over its head.


Raw Fish

Raw Porkchop

Pet Food