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Oil (or 'Black gold' if you like) is a part of the BuildCraft mod. It is a black liquid found in pools that are generated randomly around the world. The primary use for it is to be refined into Fuel for the powering of Combustion engines, amongst other things.


Small deposits are relatively common and most often appear in desert biomes as pools. They contain on average 16 buckets of oil.

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Large and medium-sized deposits, while often looking the same as small deposits usually open out under the surface. The bottleneck caused by the small opening creates a geyser (see picture) which is how one distinguishes a large deposit from a small one. The height of the geyser has a loose correlation to the size of the deposit.

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The large geyser of extreme deposits.

Extreme DepositsEdit

Extreme deposits are very rare, they contain extremely large amounts of oil. They can be distinguished by a very tall geyser and the stray oil source blocks in the vicinity of the very high geyser. They are a very good find; players that do find them should immediatly write down the coordinates. Because of their immense size, players often have a large surplus of oil from these extreme deposits.


Oil can be picked up using a standard bucket, like many other liquids in Vanilla Minecraft. For large deposits, however, it is much more economical to set up a Pump. This will extract oil which can be run down Waterproof Pipess to be stored or used. To ensure extraction of the maximum amount of oil the player should ensure that the pump reaches down to the lowest point of the oil deposit.

Storage and UsageEdit

Once oil has been extracted, it can be pumped to Tanks, be refined in an oil refinery, or be pumped straight into a combustion engine to be used as fuel. Raw oil is a much less effecient fuel than the refined version, so it is advisable to refine it first. Oil can be transported around in waterproof pipes and can be stored in tanks.


  • Although oil is a opaque liquid when viewed from the outside, it is transparent when the player is swimming in it. This allows for the location of deeper deposits.
  • Deep oil geysers are not very common, but can appear. Always make sure to have more tanks than you need.
  • You can create oil using an oil fabricator. It requires EU and is yet another way to convert IC2 power into Buildcraft power. (Only available with older versions of Technic, as Power Converters is not yet compatible with Minecraft 1.2.5).
  • A bucket of oil is worth 2,816 EMC while a normal bucket is only worth 768 EMC. This can make oil a very good source of EMC when used with an Energy Condenser.