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Logo-TC 40 Occultic Enchanter contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.
Occultic Enchanter
Grid Occultic Enchanter
Type Enchanter
Physics No
Stackable No
Mod Included Thaumcraft


Enchanting with Vis is fine and well, but how can you trust this rare resource to the fickle whims of fate? Far better to entrust it to a sinister, disembodied brain floating in foul liquid. Besides, it whispers such wonderful secrets...

The Occultic Enchanter is classified as Forbidden Knowledge.



If two enchantments can not be at the same time in an item, selecting one will make the other disappear (for example, Smite and Sharpness in a sword). The purple number indicates how much vis is needed to enchant the weapon. The vis cost is greater than that required for the Thaumic Enchanter.

You can put 3 enchantments in a item. The vis cost is always the same regardless of the material.

Differents materials have different "vis capacity". An iron sword can have enchantments up to 7500 vis cost; a gold sword can have more than 8000 vis worth of enchantments.


In order to discover this in a you must first discover:

Thaumic Enchanter - Lost Knowledge

Dark Infuser - Forbidden Knowledge

Brain-in-a-jar - Researching Zombie brains


Bookcases and Brain-in-a-Jar gives you access to higher levels of enchantments.

It has 1 upgrade slot:

Stabilized Singularity reduce vis cost 15%.

Contained Emptiness ignore the vis capacity of the material.

Collected Wisdom You can put 4 enchantments instead of 3

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