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Manta Rays
Health ?
Armor ?
Spawn Water
Drops ?
Mob Type Passive

Manta Rays are a mob added as part of the Mo' Creatures mod. They are sea dwelling creatures, and can be found in most bodies of water, much like squids. They also appear in the WIP MyAddon Collection with 2 versions in game.


Mo' Creatures[]

Manta Rays are peaceful mobs. They spawn in any biome that has a large enough body of water for them.

They can be ridden by right clicking them. When ridden, they will shove the player off after a few seconds, but if you try enough it will become tame and let you ride it. The controls for swimming with a Manta Ray are essentially the same as driving a boat, with the exception of using the space key to ascend in the water. To dive, simply swim for a while and the Manta Ray will descend. Blocks directly underneath the Manta Ray will cause it to swim slower. Manta Rays will die on land if you leave it there for a couple seconds.

MyAddon Collection[]

Manta rays can be very hostile or passive depending on it's version. True Manta Rays are passive mobs that can be tamed by giving it fish and/or salmon. Phantom Manta Rays are very hostile since it belongs in the phantom family and it makes insect like sounds, They do not burn in daylight though.


  • Manta Rays have no spawn egg in creative mode. You can (sometimes) get one by spawning Rays in the water (the water only).
    • They do however in MyAddon Collection.

Riding a Manta Ray