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Logo-EE 40.png Infernal Armor is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Infernal Armor
Grid Infernal Armor.png
One part of the Gem Armor Set
Type Armor
Stackable No
EMC Value 82,573,216
Included in Equivalent Exchange

The Infernal Armor is a part of the "Gem Armor" set, and requires a fully charged Klein Star Omega. The Klein Star Omega requires 51,200,000 EMC. The armour negates 90% of damage which means everything that does less than five hearts of damage will not affect you i.e. all vanilla swords and arrows, zombies, etc. Note that it is the most expensive of the Gem Armor set.


This armor has 2 abilities:

  • Innate- Invulnerable to fire and lava
  • Offensive- Create an explosion around you with C & can use the lightning bolt with [release charge] button

To be able to use your offensive abilities, you must ready them by using V, and "Infernal Armor Offensive Active" means you can begin using the abilities. Innate abilities are always on, meaning invulnerability to fire and lava are active all the time. It costs 324,737,862 EMC for the whole set of Gem Armor.


Red Matter Chestplate

Body Stone

Klein Star Omega

Volcanite Amulet

Infernal Armor

Everything except the Volcanite Amulet is consumed in the crafting process.

EMC Composition[]

4,849,664 (Red Matter Chestplate) + 25,165,824 (Klein Star Omega) + 51,200,000 (KSO charge) + 934,944 (Body Stone) = 82,150,432 EMC

Video Tutorial[]