With all the new stuff added to technic pack, it can be really hard not to be overwhelmed. I know I certainly was. Most of the complete guides for technic pack (you can find some excellent guides for individual mods online) are out of date, or woefully incomplete, so they aren't much help.

But this guide aims to be helpful!

So sit tight, and welcome to the Technic Pack.

Configuring the SettingsEdit

It's really annoying playing with lag, so if you have a low-end system, try some of these tips:

Switch off non-essential modsEdit

One of the major causes of lag is "MAtmos", which adds enviromental sounds (e.g. birds chirping). Whilst good, it also adds another thing: major lag.

Never fear! It's easy to remove this mod if you suffer lag-issues.

  1. Open up the technic launcher, as normal.
  2. Click on 'mod select'
  3. There will be a text file opening up. Search until you find 'MAtmos', then change the 'on' to an 'off'.
    You can also turn off mods you don't want here.

A Whole New WorldEdit

There are a few more low-tier materials than vanilla.

New MaterialsEdit


Marble is added from Redpower 2, and is found inside caves. It can be crafted into Marble Brick, which is a nice looking building material for castles.



A typical volcano in minecraft. The black stone it is made of is called Basalt.

Rubber(Wood) trees

A small rubberwood tree (right) and two typical rubber trees (left)

Basalt is also added in Redpower 2, and it is the material which volcanos are made of. When mined, it drops the ugly Basalt Cobblestone, but that can be smelted back into standard Basalt and then crafted into Basalt Bricks, which are a lot like granite bricks except black. Plus, its a freakin volcano!

Rubber Trees and RubberwoodEdit

Rubber Trees and Rubberwood are completely different, but serve the same purpose: to get you rubber.

The normal rubber trees have dark wood and a 2 to 3 block high 'tower' of rubber leaves at the top, in addition to the normal rubber leaves. They have orange holes on them known as 'resin holes', which are a sustainable source of rubber.

Rubberwood Trees, on the other hand, are giant trees stretching hundreds of feet into the sky. They are huge (2+ days to fully chop down, even with a high-tier axe), and can't be used for planks (instead, they give you sticks directly).

Indigo FlowersEdit

Indigo Flowers can be crafted into indigo dye, which saves you from having to get lapis lazuli just to make your wool look pretty.


Oil is a black liquid that looks like water, and is found in pools and geysers. Later, you will use it for fuel in your iron engines, so remember where it is. To save your memory, you can place a waypoint.

Place a WaypointEdit

  1. Stand where you want the waypoint to go.
  2. Press '.' to open up the minimap menu.
  3. Click on waypoints.
  4. Add a waypoint from there. You can also colour waypoints and give them all names.

Get ShelterEdit

Finding shelter is much easier in the Technic Pack. Just press the '9' key and it will tell you the location of the

Seed 1867169 gives you a nice vanilla village right next to the spawn.

nearest Millenaire village. You can live in that village until you start making your factory.

If you find a lone building on the way, even better! You can kill both people there and live there freely, and you can even build your factory there since there will be no villagers to accidently demolish it.

Upgrading Your ToolsEdit

Now with your shelter, get 7 blocks of wood and make a crafting table, a wooden hoe, a wooden pickaxe, a wooden sword and a chest (if you are in a swamp biome, kill turtles instead). Put your hoe into the chest, and go over to your local cave mouth (or a bit of exposed cliff face). If monsters come out, use your wooden sword to fight them off, and make sure to mine out 17 cobblestone (at the very minimum, more cobblestone would be better). Don't go out at night just yet, and make sure to avoid deserts (as the large flat areas are perfect for mobs to spawn).

On your return, search for flowers, roses and clay. These will help you get started with redpower 2.

When you get back, craft a furnace, a stone shovel, a stone sword, a stone pickaxe and a stone axe (gather more wood if you need it for the sticks). Get seven more wood, turn one into planks, then use those planks to smelt the rest into charcoal. Use your charcoal to smelt your clay into bricks.

Turn your flowers and roses into red and yellow dye, and use one of each to craft some orange dye. Keep these in your chest for now.

Start MiningEdit

Using your pickaxe and shovel, mine a 3x3 (or 5x5) quarry going down to layer 11. Make sure you collect all ores on your way down (that you can, some need an iron pickaxe).

Once you find iron and redstone, craft some covalence dust. There may also be a few new ore you find before iron and redstone.

New OresEdit

Copper and TinEdit

Copper ore

Copper is used for wiring in industrialcraft 2. It can also be macerated (using a macerator) into copper dust, which when combined with tin dust gives you bronze. Heating bronze and tin ingots in a RedPower2 alloy furnace gives you brass ingots, which are used for pneumatic tubes and tube-related machines. Tin is used for RE-Batteries and the Mixed Metal Ingot, which is useful at later points.

Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds

Sapphires, rubies and emeralds serve as a cheaper, less effective substitute to diamonds in tools. They mine just as fast, but only have 1/3 of the durability. They also can be repaired by placing the damaged pickaxe in a crafting table and placing three Middle Covalence Dust in the row directly above the damaged pickaxe.