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Logo-EE 40.png Gravity Greaves is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Gravity Greaves
Grid Gravity Greaves.png
One part of the Gem Armor Set
Type Armor
Stackable No
EMC Value 81,497,408
Included in Equivalent Exchange

The Gravity Greaves are armour leggings. They constitute as part of the "Infernal (Gem) Armour" set, and a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.


The Gravity Greaves have 3 abilities/effects:

  • The armour negates 90% of all damage taken to the player.
  • Increases free falling speed when holding Shift (As of the technic verson, offensive abilties need to be on to use this ability.)
  • Offensive, Slow and repel approaching mobs and projectiles within a 5 block radius while holding Shift.

To be able to use your offensive abilities, you must ready them by using V, and "Gem Armor Offensive Active" will appear, meaning you can begin using the offensive mode effects. (Note that using the Gravity Greaves to push mobs around uses up a lot of processor capacity, and should be done sparingly in order to avoid crashing worlds.)


Gravity Greaves Klein Star Omega
Black Hole Band Watch of Flowing Time
Water Flower Omega

EMC Composition[]

4,243,456 (Red Matter Leggings) + 25,165,824 (Klein Star Omega) + 51,200,000 (KSO charge) + 319,616 (GoED) + 568,512 (WoFT) = 81,497,408 EMC

Video Tutorial[]