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Logo moc 40.png Goats contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.
Name Goat
Health 12
Armor none
Damage 1 heart
Spawn Grass blocks in the day
Drops Leather
Mob Type Passive

Goats are a tameable mob type added by the mod Mo' Creatures.


Goats will follow you for as long as you are holding a food item in your hand. Using a rope on a tamed goat will also make it follow you.

Male goats, although normally passive, will attack if provoked, and will even fight with other male goats. They generally calm down after some time passes.

Be careful about dropping items around goats, as they will eat any floating items on the ground.


To tame a goat drop or right click any edible item near it (fish, pork, bread, seeds.) After you've tamed a goat, you can name it. You can rename it by right clicking on it while holding a Medallion.

Female goats can be milked the same way cows can. To identify a female goat, look at the head. Females have no goatee, and their horns are shorter. Milking a male goat can lead to trouble!


Goats can be bred like many other passive/tameable mobs.

When breeding goats, you would need wheat as well as both a female and a male goat. Right clicking on both of them while holding wheat will feed them the wheat and make them start making heart-shapes, and a male and female who are both in the "mood" will find each other and breed to produce 1 offspring.


  • Beware that Goats can jump over 1 layer of any kind of Fence.
  • As said before, Goats will eat ANY floating item on the ground unless they are tamed and on a rope (tested for Mo' Creatures 1.2.5). Good luck for their digestion of diamonds.
  • As said before, Male Goats will ram at each other, which can be quite an annoyance; especially because pulling one away with a rope doesn't work when they are ramming.