Logo-BC 40 Gate contains information about the BuildCraft mod.

BuildCraft Gates are used as a method to automate everything buildcraft. Some instances are controlling liquid pumping from Tanks, turning ON Engines, turning OFF engines to prevent overheating, and controlling liquid flow through pipes.


From Pipe

  • Item traversing
  • Power traversing
  • Liquid traversing
  • Pipe empty

From Chest (connected)

  • Chest empty
  • Chest full
  • Space for items in chest
  • Has items in Chest

From Tank (connected)

  • Tank empty
  • Tank full
  • Space for liquid in tank
  • Has liquid in tank

Other (connected)

  • Redstone signal
  • Engine state (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red)
  • Machine off
  • Machine on
  • Pipe Wire


  • Redstone signal
  • Close pipe (if attached to a logistics pipe) closes pipe to all new items entering the network. items allready in the network will continue to go through as if open.
  • Pipe Wire


All recipes are made on an Assembly Table. The Iron, Gold and Diamond Gates have AND and OR versions which have the same recipe. When it is made you can choose the final product.

Basic Gate (1 Slot)Edit

1 Redstone Chipset

Iron AND Gate / Iron OR Gate (2 Slots)Edit

To create an Iron AND/OR gate you will need red pipe wire and a redstone iron chipset.

To create a redstone iron chipset you will need to place a redstone dust and an iron ingot in the assembly table.

To create the red pipe wire you will need to place a redstone dust, iron ingot, and red dye in the assembly table.

Gold AND Gate / Gold OR Gate (4 Slots)Edit

Diamond AND Gate / Diamond OR Gate (8 Slots)Edit


  • Item detection doesn't work all the time and detects slower items at a higher frequency, there are "sweet spots" where it can detect reliably if a redstone engine is at max speed.