Logo-BC 40 Filler contains information about the BuildCraft mod.
Block Filler
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable No
Mod Included Buildcraft

The filler is a machine that is part of the BuildCraft mod. It has many uses, all defined by certain recipes within the filler's interface. Each specific recipe gives the filler a "task" to perform. For example, it could be used to build a hollow room, or flatten out the landscape. It requires a form of BuildCraft energy to run (engines) or can be used with the electric engine using IC2 power. The amount of power supplied determines the speed at which the filler will work. When the red light on the top of the filler turns green, it means that the filler has work to do, and when the light turns red, the filler has completed the task.


Crafting GUI.png

Ink Sac

Dandelion Yellow

Gold Gear


Crafting Table


Ink Sac

Dandelion Yellow

Gold Gear


The Filler needs two golden gears (obtained by upgrading an iron gear), two yellow dye, two ink sacks, a chest, a crafting bench and a landmark. You will also want to make 3 more landmarks, as those are used to define the area in which the filler will perform the task you have set.


Filler interface

The interface

The filler's interface is split into three sections, the top crafting area is where you define the task to be carried out. The second area is the filler's inventory, where it will use any block you place to build with. And the final area is your inventory. There are 6 possible tasks the filler can carry out, you will need bricks and glass to define the task being performed. this is done in the first area, the 3x3 crafting grid.


When there are bricks in a chest shape in the filler, the filler will place walls in the marked area. It should be noted that the player must place blocks in the filler (through pipes or otherwise) for this filler mode to work. Power must also be supplied to the filler.


Filler Recipe:Edit

Filler filling
This recipe tells the filler to build a solid block, not a hollow room, this could be used to make floors for example, or a wall.

Hollow room Recipe:Edit

2012-02-27 23.55.36

Hollow room

Filler hollowroom

This recipe tells the filler to build a room, complete with walls floors and a roof. The filler will not replace an existing block, so when creating floors make sure to clear out the area to allow the filler to place the block of your choice on the ground.


2012-02-27 23.56.28


Filler stairs

The stairs recipe tells the filler to build (you guessed it) stairs. Although not the stairs you usually craft in a crafting bench, it basically layers it in a stair shape. Take note in the picture which way the stairs are facing in accordance to where the Filler machine is placed.


2012-02-27 23.56.40


Filler pyramid

This recipe builds a pyramid structure, best used with a square area defined, though it is possible to build in a rectangular area too. Note that the pyramid is solid, and not hollow.

Clearing recipe:Edit

2012-02-27 23.55.55

Clears an area

Filler clearing

This recipe clears the defined area of all blocks. Great for making rooms underground without the hassle of digging it up yourself.


2012-02-27 23.56.18

Flattens land

Filler flattening

The flattener recipe flattens the land by filling up holes (provided you supply the blocks it needs) and clearing all the area above it, be careful when using this recipe underground as it will clear ALL the blocks above it.