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Logo-IC2 40 Energy-O-Mat contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

This device has two functions. First of all, it acts like a Trade-O-Mat and will sell ENERGY. To be precise, an Energy-O-Mat will work like a cable. However, it will not allow current to pass freely. Instead, customers need to drop coins into the Energy-O-Mat, to fill up its deposit. These coins are industrialcraft coins. The Energy-O-Mat will then use this deposit and allow current to pass. For this to work, the owner of the Energy-O-Mat needs to place a chest next to it and define (as usual) a price in the last chest slots. the price will be calculated per 4000 EU each. (thus, a price of 40 IC would mean the customer has to pay 1IC per 100 EU). All paid coins will, of course, be stored in that chest, as well. The second function of the Energy-O-Mat is to activate redstone-based systems,.As long as the Energy-O-Mat is allowing energy currents to pass, it will trigger redstone wires nearby.For this sake, if you do NOT place a chest near to it, OR leave the chest empty (and thus define a price of zero), the Energy-O-Mat will allow any current to pass freely, even without being paid.

The middle block is a Trade-O-Mat then Insulated Copper Cables on each side.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT place Jetpacks (only item I've tested) in the right input slot. It WILL break your game and your save will be corrupted.