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An Eldritch tree.

Eldritch trees are inanimate mobs from the ThaumCraft mod that look like a darker version of the normal trees with fruit in the leaves until attacked.

Occurence[edit | edit source]

Eldritch trees usually spawn at night in very dark locations. According to the Thaumcraft thread in the minecraft.net forums, they can only be found in Forests, but Eldritch trees have also been encountered in swamps, although rarely. Technically, they are being treated as immobile enemy mobs by the game. This has several implications:

  1. They will not spawn on peaceful.
  2. They will only spawn within 24 to 128 blocks distance to the player.
  3. They will instantly despawn if when you move more than 128 blocks away from them. Bookmarking a location and coming back later will probably not work.
  4. Sometimes, you can see them floating in the air when a chunk has not yet been loaded. You can use this for spotting Eldritch trees by quitting and re-entering the game.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Eldritch Trees must be engaged in melee; any arrows which hit them will "bounce", hitting (and hurting) the player rather than the tree.they will also not catch on fire. They have approximately 75 hearts, taking thirteen hits from an Iron Sword before dying. Once the player attacks the tree, it shivers upon being hit and several eyes appear on the bark. It also starts releasing several colorful, small, worm-like grubs that follow and attack the player. If killed, the grubs sometimes drop a "Grub Husk" Grid Grub Husk.png, an edible food item that looks a bit like a pepperoni. The Grub Husk is one of the few items that cannot be replicated in a Thaumic Duplicator.

If eaten, the grub husk may randomly grant you one of the following status effects:

Type Duration Effect
Grub-strength.png Strength 30 sec Increases your attack damage.
Grub-resistance.png Resistance 30 sec Makes you more resilient to damage.
Grub-regeneration.png Regeneration 30 sec Regenerates health (regardless of food bar status).
Grub-poison.png Poison 7 sec Deals poison damage for the time of duration.
Grub-nausea.png Nausea 15 sec Distorts your vision really bad, making combat or even running straight a serious challenge.
Grub-hunger.png Hunger 15 sec Similar to eating Rotten Flesh, this status gives you food poisoning, thus slowly draining your food bar.
Nothing Nothing happens, you just have one less grub husk.

Related Items[edit | edit source]

Once killed, an Eldritch tree usually drops 1-3 Eldritch Logs Grid Eldritch Log.png and sometimes a piece of Eldritch Heartwood Grid Eldritch Heartwood.png. Eldritch Heartwood is one of the ingredients needed for crafting a Traveling Trunk. Using Arcane Tinkering Tools, the logs can be infused in the Vis Infuser to produce Eldritch Timber Grid Eldritch Timber.png, which is an important ingredient in many Thaumcraft crafting recipes.

Eldritch Log

Arcane Tinkering Tools

Eldritch Timber

All three items, i.e. Eldritch Log, Eldritch Heartwood and Eldritch Timber, cannot be replicated in the Thaumic Duplicator.

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