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Logo-EE 40.png Destruction Catalyst is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Destruction Catalyst
Grid Destruction Catalyst.png
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value 11,464
Included in Equivalent Exchange

The Destruction Catalyst is a potent, yet expensive mining tool. It is also used in the Crafting Table crafting recipe.


Nova Catalyst

Mobius Fuel

Nova Catalyst

Mobius Fuel

Flint and Steel

Mobius Fuel

Nova Catalyst

Mobius Fuel

Nova Catalyst

Destruction Catalyst


Without being charged, the Destruction Catalyst will attempt to break a 3x3 panel in any direction. For each level of charge, however, the maximum increases by a squared-factor.

The Destruction Catalyst does not break Obsidian, however, it will destroy any and all blocks before and after obsidian in the line you aimed.

The Destruction Catalyst consumes resources only if it is successful in its destruction routine. All block breaking tools consume 16 EMC/Block broken. It will draw EMC from a Klein Star, Aeternalis Fuel, Mobius Fuel, Alchemical Coal, Glowstone Dust, Coal, Charcoal, or Redstone.

It can be right clicked directly on a wall, but can also be fired over distances using R. When using R, the Destruction Catalyst will break panels as if it had been used on a block directly in front of you. You will, however, sacrifice some of your distance, so you will not be getting the maximum desired length unless you move towards your target. Stacks of blocks destroyed by the Destruction Catalyst are delivered in a loot ball spawned directly in front of the player, or where the ability was first targeted.

Note: like most Power Items, the Destruction Catalyst will work until the residual energy provided by the fuel it has consumed is used up.

To Charge: Press V

To Discharge: Press Shift and V

Charge Levels:

Charge Level 0 Breaks 1 3x3 panel (144 EMC)
Charge Level 1 Breaks 4 3x3 panels in a row (576 EMC)
Charge Level 2 Breaks 9 3x3 panels in a row (1,296 EMC)
Charge Level 3

Breaks 16 3x3 panels in a row (maximum) (2,304 EMC)


The destruction catalyst is (as the name suggests) very destructive. A misclick can leave your home with a load of broken machinery and a hole in the wall. Take extra care when working near dangerous objects such as reactors. Disable a single wire and the place will turn into a crater. Here are a few tips to avoid becoming a victim of the destruction catalyst:

  • Watch your fuel reserves, avoid carrying valuable items such as coal and redstone. Try using concentrated EMC such as mobius fuel more often.
  • Do not underestimate the power of the destruction catalyst, if you're not using it, keep it off your hotbar so you cannot accidentally select it and misclick.
  • Just like always, never dig directly up or down.
  • Know your distance, if you are making tunnels make sure you know exacly where your base is !
  • The destruction catalyst is fairly expensive, treat it as if it was dark matter!

Remember, the destruction catalyst takes no prisoners and you will not be an exception if you misuse it !

EMC Composition[]

4 x 753 (Nova Catalyst) + 4 x 2,048 (Mobius Fuel) + 260 (Flint and Steel) = 11,464 EMC each.