Logo-TC 40 Crystalline Bell contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

The Crystalline Bell is an item from the Thaumcraft mod with which you can take single Vis Crystal shards out of a crystal cluster one at a time.


Before you can craft the Crystalline Bell, you must research and discover it in the Quaesitum. The theory for the Crystalline Bell is classified as "Lost Knowledge", but you must put any kind of Vis Crystals (except tainted) in the research slot in order to receive the theory. This includes depleted crystals!

Crafting / InfusionEdit

The Crystalline Bell is created by infusing a block of glass with a diamond:


Once you have collected enough Vis Crystals, you can use them to craft Vis Ore which you can plant in an area with a high amount of Vis. With time, the single crystal seeds will grow into a crystal cluster. You can then remove single crystal shards from the cluster by equipping the Crystalline Bell in your hotbar and using it on the crystal cluster with a right click. As long as you leave one crystal in the cluster, it can regrow multiple crystals again.

There is currently no way to automatically mine single crystals from a crystal cluster without destroying it. Putting the Crystalline Bell into a RedPower Deployer will not work.

You can use the Stripes Transport Pipe to mine the crystals automatically by sending a Crystalline Bell through it.

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