ccSensors is a ComputerCraft mod that collects information from machines and blocks. Those readings can be viewed on the sensor terminal or be used in ComputerCraft Lua programs.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

  1. Place a Sensor Controller next to a Computer
  2. Shift-right click to open the sensor Controller GUI and hit the 'New' button to register a new frequency
  3. Place blank transmitter card in the matching bottom-left slot and click 'Encode' to get an encoded transmitter to be used with that particular remote sensor.
  4. Place a Sensor (can be placed anywhere), right-click on it, and put the transmitter card in the bottom-left slot. The Sensor will now send data to the Controller that encoded the Transmitter Card. You can rename the Sensor from the default name 'Sensor', as well.
  5. Place a SensorModuleCard into the other bottom-left slot of the Sensor GUI.
  6. Open the computer terminal and run: /ccSensors/console to run the sample console program.
  7. Use the arrow and <enter> keys to select a Sensor, Probe, and Target, then choose "getreading" to get the results. You can use this program to monitor everything from IC2 reactor heats to how much EMC is in your Antimatter Relays.

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Source: The Tekkit Wiki

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