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RedPower by Eloraam is a mod for minecraft which introduces redstone-like wires, cables, integrated circuits, lights, and more. The RedPower wiki can be found here.

If you can't find information on a Redpower feature on this page, how about taking a look on the Tekkit Wiki for it here?


Redpower Wiring

Red Alloy Wire Grid Red Alloy Wire.png Insulated Wire Grid Insulated Wire.png Blue Alloy Wire Grid Blue Alloy Wire.png
Bundled Cable Grid Bundled Cable.png Colored Bundled Cable Grid Colored Bundled Cable.png Jacketed Wire Grid Jacketed Wire.png
Jacketed Cable Grid Jacketed Cable.png Jacketed Bluewire Grid Jacketed Bluewire.png Micro-Blocks

Redpower Logic


Stone Wafer Grid Stone Wafer.png Stone Wire Grid Stone Wire.png Stone Anode Grid Stone Anode.png Stone Cathode Grid Stone Cathode.png
Stone Pointer Grid Stone Pointer.png Silicon Chip Grid Silicon Chip.png Tainted Silicon Chip Grid Tainted Silicon Chip.png


Sequencer Grid Sequencer.png Timer Grid Timer.png RS NOR Latch Grid RS Latch.png NOR Latch Grid NOR Gate.png
OR Gate Grid OR Gate.png NAND Gate Grid NAND Gate.png AND Gate Grid AND Gate.png XNOR Gate Grid XNOR Gate.png
Pulse Former Grid Pulse Former.png Toggle Latch Grid Toggle Latch.png NOT Gate Grid NOT Gate.png Buffer Gate Grid Buffer Gate.png
Multiplexer Grid Multiplexer.png Counter Grid Counter.png Repeater Grid Repeater.png Light Sensor Grid Light Sensor.png
State Cell Grid State Cell.png Synchronizer Grid Synchronizer.png Transparent Latch Grid Transparent Latch.png Randomizer Grid Randomizer.png

Redpower Array


Stone Redwire Grid Stone Redwire.png Stone Bundle Grid Stone Bundle.png
Plate Assembly Grid Plate Assembly.png

Array Circuits

Null Cell Grid Null Cell.png Invert Cell Grid Invert Cell.png
Non-Invert Cell Grid Non-Invert Cell.png



Alloy Furnace Grid Alloy Furnace.png Project Table Grid Project Table.png Pneumatic Tube Grid Pneumatic Tube.png
Redstone Tube Grid Redstone Tube.png Restriction Tube Grid Restriction Tube.png Redpower Lamp Grid Redpower Lighting Block.png
Buffer Grid Buffer.png Magtube Grid Magtube.png Support Frame Grid Support Frame.png

Redstone Machines

Block Breaker Grid Block Breaker.png Deployer Grid Deployer.png Filter Grid Filter.png Assembler Grid Assembler.png
Item Detector Grid Item Detector.png Transposer Grid Transposer.png Regulator Grid Regulator.png
Igniter Grid Igniter.png Relay Grid Relay.png Ejector Grid Ejector.png

Bluetricity Machines

Battery Box Grid Battery Box.png Blulectric Furnace Grid Blulectric Furnace.png Solar Panel Grid Solar Panel (RedPower).png
Sorting Machine Grid Sorting Machine.png Retriever Grid Retriever.png Blulectric Alloy Furnace Grid Blulectric Alloy Furnace.png
Thermopile Grid Thermopile.png Accelerator Grid Accelerator.png Frame Motor Grid Frame Motor.png
Pump (RedPower) Grid Pump (RedPower).png


8K RAM Module Grid 8K RAM Module.png Backplane Grid Backplane.png Blank Floppy Grid Blank Floppy.png
Central Processing Unit Grid Central Processing Unit.png Disk Drive Grid Disk Drive (RedPower).png FORTH Boot Disk Grid FORTH Boot Disk.png
IO Expander Grid IO Expander.png Monitor (RedPower) Grid Monitor (RedPower).png Ribbon Cable Grid Ribbon Cable.png


Screwdriver Grid Screwdriver.png Sonic Screwdriver Grid Sonic Screwdriver.png Handsaw Grid Iron Handsaw.png

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