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Most Machines are blocks that use or create power/fuel to perform an action more efficiently than a player, or to perform an action that a player can not perform manually. Not all machines use fuel or energy and some need other machines to be built before they can be used.

Machines from IC2 and Buildcraft

Industrial Craft[]

Almost all Machines in Industrial craft require an Machine Block or Advanced Machine Block in order to be built.

There are four main types of machine in Industrial Craft;

Gatherers (Miner, Pump)

Generators (Generator, Geothermal Generator, Nuclear Reactor, Solar Panel, Water Mill and Wind Mill)

Processors (Canning Machine, Compressor, Electro Furnace, Extractor, Induction Furnace, Iron Furnace, Macerator, Mass Fabricator, Recycler)

Utility (Electrolyzer, Magnetizer, Personal Safe, Teleporter, Terraformer, Testla Coil, Trade-O-Mat)


Most Machines in Buildcraft require Gears to build.

Buildcraft Machines are either Engines or Machines that require engines to power them while they process or collect materials.

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