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BuildCraft is a core mod in the Technic Pack. It was created by SpaceToad.

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The idea of Buildcraft revolves around creating Machines and moving items around, slowly building your automated world to a point at which the player has to do almost nothing themselves.

BuildCraft has two main uses: the moving around of items via Pipes and Engines, and digging, pumping and mining with various Machines. The BuildCraft mod really is the key to world automation, as it is compatible with almost every other mod, and definitely all those in the technic pack; it is the best option for moving items from place to place. Mine Factory does this to some extent with its conveyer belts, but the BuildCraft options are far more advanced, and this is why it plays such a big role in the Technic Pack.

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General Overview


A basic transport pipe set-up between chests

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Pipes are the main method of moving items around in Buildcraft, if not your Technic world. They look very much glass tubing, and can be placed to link chests, engines, and a variety of other things. They can even carry different items between different mods to add much functionality. One appropriately powered (see below) items will appear moving through the pipe. There are several different kinds of pipes.


Main Article: Engines

Engines are one of the main sources of power in Buildcraft. They are the main method providing power to transport items through pipes. They all consume a certain type of fuel to output their power, from a redstone signal to fuel oil. There are three types of engine.


Main Article: Machines

A quarry, one of the machines of BuildCraft, beginning to strip mine.

There are many different machines included in BuildCraft. They add a greater level of functionality. Unlike IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft's machines revolve more around changing and sculpting the landscape, either for aesthetuic qualities or the provide the player with valuable resources.

Useful Links and Tutorials

This page only gives a general overview on BuildCraft. However, there are many different Machines, Items and functionalities that are not mentioned here. Below are some resources, both inside and outside the wiki, that will help you to get further started with BuildCraft, as well as the wiki pages themselves!

It's recommended you look at the articles linked in this article, they constitute the core of BuildCraft and will be of much use.

  • Pipes for beginners - One of the very good tutorials on the Buildcraft Wiki for absolute newcomers to Technic.
  • Hold my Hand - A complete walkthrough on how to set up a fully functioning quarry and BuildCraft plant.
  • The navigation template below!

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