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Logo-IC2 40.png Bronze contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

A Bronze ingot

Bronze is a metal obtained by combining Copper and Tin Dust.

Using the IC recipe, Bronze is created by smelting bronze dust, which is created by crafting 3 Copper Dust and 1 Tin Dust. This creates two Bronze Dusts, which can then be smelted into two Bronze Ingots.

After the dust is obtained, put it into any kind of furnace and it will promptly turn it a bronze bar.

Bronze has a wide variety of uses: Bronze Armor, Bronze Wrenches, Bronze Tools and cheap Rails. It is also one of the ingredients of Mixed Metal Ingots.

It has an EMC value of 255, which is just short of an iron or a tin ingot. You can take advantage of this and condense 1 tin/iron ingot to make 1 Bronze Ingot, which is much cheaper than any of the above recipes and is more worthwhile, as bronze tools have a higher durability than iron tools. You have to obtain your first Bronze Ingot the hard way though.


Recipe for IC2 Bronze:

Copper Dust

Copper Dust

Copper Dust

Tin Dust

Bronze Dust



  • The places in which the tin and copper dust in a crafting bench are put does not matter.