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The Boots of the Meteor allow their wearer to make impressive leaps and bounds. If shift is held while a sufficient distance from the ground, the boots will hurl themselves (and their wearer) down with considerable force, causing a shockwave of blistering heat.

They are clasified as Lost Knowledge.


Do not use indoors or in conjunction with fly-enabled items; holding shift reduces height when flying, but also activates the shockwave ability, destroying items, blocks, and enemies if you touch a block while descending.

The shockwave ability does not reduce durability.

The speed increase is equal of Boots of Striding, but jump distance and height are increased. A full jump with these boots will do half a heart of damage on landing, taking into account the damage reduction from the Boots of Striding.


Using the active ability of the boots on the tops of the Obsidian pillars in The End can cause Minecraft to crash.

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