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Redpower-logo1 Blue Alloy Ingot contains information about the RedPower mod.
208px-Blue Alloy Ingot

The Blue Alloy Ingot is one of the most basic building blocks of Blutricity, which empowers most Tier 2 Technology in RedPower. Smelting your first Blue Alloy Ingot gives you the "Now In Blueberry!" achievement.


In an Alloy Furnace:

Alloy Furnace GUI.png



Silver Ingot

Blue Alloy Ingot


The main uses of the Blue Alloy Ingot is in making Blue Alloy Wires and Jacketed Bluewires

Currently the RedPower machines that need them are:  Sorting Machine, Retriever, Blulectric Furnace, Blulectric Alloy Furnace, Solar Panel (RedPower), Accelerator, Battery Box, Blulectric Motor, Frame Motor, Thermopile, and Pump (RedPower).