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The Arcane Focus defines the range, speed and spread of the Arcane Bore. The elemental foci are classified as Lost Knowledge; the basic one does not need to be researched.

You can restore the durability of the foci with a Thaumic Restorer.


Ray Color Spread Range Speed Blocks Mined Equivalent in Cobblestone
Arcane Focus White 3 x 3 39 Blocks ~3 Blocks 351 6 stacks
Arcane Focus: Air Yellow 5 x 5 39 blocks ~9 Blocks 975 16 stacks
Arcane focus: Water Blue 5 x 5 79 Blocks ~3 Blocks 1975 31 stacks
Arcane Focus: Earth Green 9 x 9 39 Blocks ~3 Blocks 3159 50 stacks
Arcane Focus: Fire Red 5 x 5 39 Blocks ~3 Blocks 975 0 stackssee #Arcane Focus: Fire

Spread (Focus): The area in front of the focus that is mined; the focus doesn't mine the blocks arround it. This leaves a 1-block thick wall or floor(if boring downwards) that can serve to prevent mobs, lava, and water from reaching the bore.

Range: How many blocks can reach the bore.

Speed: How many blocks get "pulled" by cycle of operation. Remember that the mine blocks are choosen at random, so some cycles can get less than the amount.

Blocks mined: Spread x Range, if all blocks are solid and there are not any natural cobblestone generators.

Cobblestone stacks: If all of the blocks were stone, you would get this many stacks of cobblestone

Arcane FocusEdit

Range Medium, spread Narrow, sligtly improved durability. The basic focus. You can make it as soon as you get your first crystal. You need approximately 2 arcane singularities to power a bore and mine all available blocks. The limited spread of this focus made it more suited to create 

A standard Arcane Focus is created as follows:

Crafting GUI.png

Iron (Ingot)

Iron (Ingot)

Vis Crystal

Iron (Ingot)

Iron (Ingot)

Arcane Focus

Arcane Focus: AirEdit

This arcane focus has medium range and spread, but has improved speed.

This focus is the fastest and has a decent spread, note that this consumes the same energy as other foci, but at an accelerated rate.

Arcane Focus: Water Edit

This arcane focus has long range and medium spread.

This focus can mine from ocean level (63) to bedrock, and few biomes can generate mountains of more than 79 height

Arcane Focus: EarthEdit

This arcane focus has medium range and a wide spread.

The spread is so large that you need 2 foci to completly mine all available blocks. Due to the random nature of the mined pattern you must wait a considerable amount of time to mine the corners.

Arcane Focus: Fire Edit

This arcane focus has medium range and spread, but consumes low value items to increase the efficiency of the bore.

This focus only needs one singularity to start, since all cobblestone, sand, dirt and gravel are transformed into energy to power the bore. You can throw cobblestone into the ray to power the bore if you are mining a zone without these common blocks (for example, when mining a jungle for wood). You cannot get Arcane singularities back by doing this though, as excess cobblestone is routed to the chest when not needed.

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