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Logo-EE 40.png Aeternalis Fuel is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Aeternalis Fuel
Grid Aeternalis Fuel.png
Type Fuel
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec. 6171
EMC Value 8,192
Included in Equivalent Exchange

Aeternalis Fuel is the highest tier of fuel in Equivalent Exchange. It is necessary to produce Dark Matter and Red Matter, and can be obtained through the recipe as well as with the use of the Energy Collector.

The EMC value of Aeternalis Fuel is 8192. Because this is equivalent to Diamond, once one obtains a Klein Star, the two can be converted back and forth with no loss, which may help to create further Stars.

Aeternalis can be used in a Dark Matter Furnace or Red Matter Furnace as fuel and will power all power items except projectile-producing effects.

Aeternalis Fuel will NOT act as a fuel in non-mod furnaces without manual changing of the item yourself.

Recipe (shapeless)[]

Philosopher's Stone

Mobius Fuel

Mobius Fuel

Mobius Fuel

Mobius Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel may also be obtained by upgrading any sort of fuel in an Energy Collector. However, this also takes a lot of time.

Table of Transmutes Item Amount: Charcoal 256, Redstone Dust 128, Coal 64, Alchemical Coal 16, Mobius Fuel 4.


Video Tutorial[]